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Global Family Tree is a generaly defined project to create a global family tree using user-provided genealogy details. Idea of global tree probably will not be reached in one worlwide project, while there are many individual activities to build such global database of poeple. Every solution has some advantage and therefore each user choose different application to enter his family data. It would be nice to merge all projects together, but its impossible to create one database and tell to existing providers give us all data and stop your project. The only possibility seems to be independent export format to transfer information between projects. We try to provide you basic information about possibilities of mentioned problems.


On the portal are public and free of charge exclusively only exposed international pedigrees, which we have so far managed to find or assemble. See dynasty examples bellow.
To complement and obtain new data is constantly working. Upon request, provide access for editing pedigree. Very welcome the provision of bulk data format GEDCOM or another.
Erb dynastie Jagelonců
Schwarzenberg - Vyobrazení rodového znaku v podobě po roce 1599

How to find relatives

If you need information about your family, unfortunately, is likely to find in the Internet already processed pedigrees, although it is possible. A comprehensive global database containing particular data on publicly known persons and, where applicable, their family relations. For example, in our records we currently have tens of thousands of records, which is absolutely negligible number - even if only in comparison with wild European population.

All who seek, we can recommend studying the articles devoted to genealogy, which is incorporated by reference. There you will find helpful guidance on how to proceed in finding information. Usually it is necessary to search in registers , which may not be available on the internet. Their survey can be found, among other things. on Gene .

Relatives can ever find on the internet portals focused on pedigrees to the public. On most of them will find links to our site including a general comparison with instructions how to work with, too. Services to locate people are often charged as a source of information and serve them foreign archived records, such as lists of immigrants, lists of soldiers the world wars, and so on.

Family Trees

Genealogical data can be represented in several formats, for example as a pedigree or ancestor chart. Family trees are often presented with the oldest generations at the top and the newer generations at the bottom.

An ancestry chart, which is a tree showing the ancestors of an individual, will more closely resemble a tree in shape, being wider at the top than the bottom.

In some ancestry charts, an individual appears on the left and his or her ancestors appear to the right.

A descendancy chart, which depicts all the descendants of an individual will be narrowest at the top.

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